With over 40 years of combined professional grooming ezperience, the staff at Paw Prince will not disappoint you!  From custom clips on purrfect purebreds to super shed outs on 100 pounders, ( Yes we groom Great Pyrenese,  Newfies, and St Bernards!)  we do it all!  Each grooming includes, but is not limited to, nails, ears, anal glands, bath, clip and/or shed out.  If you have never had "Nanook of the North"shedded out, you're in for a doggie treat!  No more shedding!  You won't believe your eyes or your carpets and floors!  This is an Amazing grooming secret that we have honed to purrfection.


At Paw Prince during a grooming we inspect every inch of your pet, from head to tail. This gives us the opportunity to inform pet owners of any medical conditions, ailments or concerns that the owners may not be aware of, allowing them to get their pets to the vet sooner than they would have otherwise.


CATS  Our Specialty

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Many of our clients have been referred to us by veterinarians who were unable to clip their nails or accomplish any sort of grooming with out a sedative.  After visiting Paw Prince a few times all have made remarkable progress.   Our staff takes the time to evaluate your pet and work with them to calm fears/anxiety  and build their confidence.   Most pets return to us tails up and wagging, relieved of their fears and  anxiety and no longer requiring sedatives.

​Our Goal

Paw Prince specializes in cat grooming.  Cats, cats, and more cats! Dedicating a full day to just cat grooming.

​Think your matted cat is ungroomable? To frightened or wild?  Let us see what we can do to help.  Whether it's just a nail clip, bath, comb out , shed out or a summer shave, we do it all with gentle and professional hands.

Did you know?

Our mission at Paw Prince is to provide all pets and their people who enter our establishment with a positive experience that enriches  their lives, and to serve our clients with professionalism and knowledge of the trade.